Mike Flare "aka X-Side" also known by the DJ duo "Hifly & Flare" operates on the decks since 2000. The long experience of the artist promises great things.

He has always enthusiastically the crowd by his appearances at various major events and festivals such as Red Alert, Airbeat One, Alpha, North Trance Festival, G-Move, Street-Move, Love Parade or the Kiel Week. Also at the bigger discos in the north of Germany, he was well known and appreciated. Among them: NewBambu (Neustadt iH), Ziegelei (Groß Weden), Tunnel (Hamburg), or the Docks (Hamburg) to name just a few.

In the genres Hard Trance, Jump and Hardstyle he has long been master of his craft. Since he started the music project “Hifly&Flare” together with “DJ NeoTronic” aka “Benny Hifly”, he used this art and enthusiasm also for the genres house and electro. The love for music is really no longer be denied. Apart from occasional remixes like "Feel this Love" or the until now published without Label track "Eye Bling - Yeah" he produced the Sampler / Compilations "H-Style" and "Peak Time".

After Mike now lives several years in southern Europe and is on the way, we may be curious about what there will be new ..